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The Challenge of Real-Time Cyber Protection

Cyber security is a big problem for the world as a whole. As hackers get better at cyber attacks, it’s getting harder and harder to keep them out of our digital infrastructures. Because of this, a lot of companies are looking for new ways to improve their cyber security.

In this article, we will talk about the main problems with real-time cyber protection and how AI technology can help companies solve them. We will also tell you about some of the solutions that are already out there and some that are coming soon.

Cyber security in real time is a very touchy subject.

In today’s digital world, real-time cyber protection is the most important and difficult problem. People who aren’t necessarily experts in cybersecurity control a big part of the digital world. This puts organisations and people at a huge risk because they can’t protect themselves from threats that can come from anywhere at any time.

This makes it even more important for companies to invest in cyber security solutions, which will help them keep their customers safe from malicious attacks and data breaches.
With this in mind, the infographic was made to help companies understand and plan for their real-time cyber security challenges.

The first part of this infographic shows the most common types of attacks and attacks on data protection. It also talks about data breaches and information that was stolen. Each group has a different average time to find an attack or breach, respond to it, protect against it, recover from it, and fix the damage it caused. In the second part, we talk about how real-time cyber security solutions can help organisations.

To do this, it gives examples of big hacks that have happened recently, such as “the Equifax breach,” “the Sony breach,” or the recent “Hackers hacked the DNC’s servers and stole opposition research,” and explains what happened that night. CyberLink released the infographic at E-Infotech 2014, a global security and technology conference.

At this year’s event, the company said it showed off many of its most recent cybersecurity solutions. CyberLink has a variety of security software, including the popular MediaPortal video manager. This is used to play media files on PCs with limited storage space and online storage space, such as videos or music on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

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