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What You Don’t Know About Facebook’s Outage

The highly publicised outage experienced by Facebook has resulted in an interruption of the services provided by the industry-leading social media company.

Beginning on March 31, 2018, Facebook was the target of a large cyber attack that lasted for a total of three days. The social media company not only lost access to its own servers and data, but it also lost all of its users, completely wiping out its user base in the process.

According to the chief technical officer of the company, the issue was being worked on by the company, but there was nothing that could be done about it until Facebook received an official statement from the Facebook security team.

Since the corporation discovered in 2016 that it had a fault in its systems, it has been dealing mightily with this problem ever since then. Because of the problem, hackers were able to submit fabricated news items to the feeds of Facebook users without the users’ permission. Once the stories were uploaded, the hackers were able to post them without being discovered by Facebook’s censors.

Facebook has been putting a lot of effort into resolving this problem, and they are currently holding out hope that they will be able to do it with the assistance of other businesses. They have begun collaborating with Google and Microsoft in order to find a solution to the problem by utilising the two companies’ respective technological platforms and also by utilising artificial intelligence capabilities such as machine learning algorithms and text mining software.

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